Michigan W2W4 Report Card

Here’s how we did with our predictions in the W2W4 post.  The Bama Lighthouse casts a light on itself – for better or for worse!

Predictions We Got Right

Michigan will look like they were inside the outhouse when the lightning struck To say they looked like crap would be in insult to crap


Michigan would look like they’ve been beaten with a big ole ugly stick As we at the Bama Lighthouse like to say, they looked “fugly.”  I’ll let you figure out what we mean by that.
Michigan would blitz a lot Michigan blitzed nearly every time Bama was a passing situation.
Alabama’s OL would dominate Michigan’s D line They dominated in a way that even made the Paternos say, “hey, that’s too harsh.” 
Bama’s backs would run inside and outside at will Do we really need to explain?
Alabama would hit Michigan with big gainers with screens Yeldon’s screens were gorgeous and Cooper nearly busted his as well.  Yeldon in the open field = band get your instruments ready for “Yea Alabama.”
Yeldon and Hart would have to pick up blitzes Yeldon and Fowler picked up blitzes and were assignment sound.  Surprisingly, Lacy whiffed once.
Alabama would move the TE and H around to create mismatches Awesome to watch.  2 TEs, H backs, fullbacks – all were moved around at will.
Alabama would take a deep shot early in the game Hello DeAndrew White!
Four Alabama backs will get carries Giving myself credit here as I predicted the use of Drake in an earlier prediction.  With Drake, Bama used five backs.
Yeldon will have the most carries Yeldon is clearly the best back on the roster.
Yeldon would have the most yards Get used to this.
Hart will show a burst Hart had two very impressive runs up the middle where he showed a nice burst.
White or Norwood would catch at least a 30 yard pass On White’s TD, the defender fell down during the first part of his double move.  Wow.
Jalston will crush someone For those few Michigan defenders that stood their ground against the Beast, they got waxed.
A long day for Robinson & Co Well, Robinson had to seek medical attention twice so I’d say that qualifies for a long day.
Hubbard and Dickson must contain Hubbard was surprisingly very effective holding the edge and Dickson played a tremendous game on the edge as well. 
Bama would blitz mostly to Robinson’s right During the game, I didn’t think we blitzed much but, after reviewing the tape, we did and mostly to D Rob’s right.
Robinson is a poor option QB Robinson’s poor option pitch resulted in a decraptiation for his running back, courtesy of Vinnie Sunseri. 
Michigan would not be able to run the football Wow.  They were woefully bad here.
Sunseri would blitz more than once Easy prediction but I just don’t think they want to lock him up in coverage all the time and he’s just a fierce blitzer.
Sunseri would make you slow mo the DVR to watch a hit They showed it at least three times on the Jerry Jumbotron.  90 thousand people screaming “ooooh” in unison is pretty awesome.
Bama’s secondary would get torched at least once Um, twice.
Bama gets at least 2 picks Um, three of them.
Shelley and Mandell would be solid They were excellent.
Griffith won’t kick Saturday Kickoffs and long FGs were all Cade Foster.
Bama would have an advantage in the kicking game Wow – we had a HUGE advantage here.
Christion Jones is mainly a straight line returner Give it up for Jones, he loves to put his head down and get what he can.  He’ll take at least two to the house before the year is done.
Bama passing game will be hit or miss 11 of 20 is the very definition of hit or miss.


Predictions We Got Wrong

Alabama would open the game via the passing game The first six plays were three passes and three runs so I can’t give myself credit here.
Bama would hit crossers over the middle for big yardage On one blitz that resulted in a sack, White was running a crosser and was wide open.  AJ saw him but couldn’t get the ball out before going down.
C Jones will lead the WRs in receptions This was totally against the grain and I whiffed.  Norwood led the WRs with 3 receptions while Jones had none.
Jaslton will make ESPN’s Top Plays I was a victim of my own man crush here. While Jalston was awesome, he was not on top plays. Bummer.
Double pass by Michigan They never tried this.  Perhaps they should have.
Hubbard would make you scream holy sh1t Hubbard was excellent but his controlled rush resulted in zero highlight plays (unless you count his helmet getting ripped off by a Michigan tackle or a blatant facemask that didn’t get called).
Bama gets at least 5 sacks Sigh.  We just got one sack.
Final score 27-10 Well, I didn’t factor in the pick six to Mosley but I probably should have.  That would have made it 34-10 and a pretty good prediction!


Correct – 29

Incorrect – 8

The Bama Lighthouse is pretty happy with this week’s report card…


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