Western Kentucky W2W4 Report Card

Western Kentucky W2W4 Report Card

Even though I got several texts and emails congratulating me on getting the Bama game plan so right, many of the W2W4 predictions were undone by the six sacks the Tide gave up.  Nevertheless, The Bama Lighthouse got the big stuff correct:  Bama used this game to practice their passing, WKU was able to move the football and they provided us a better game than Michigan did.  Here’s the final report card….

Predictions We Got Right

Alabama will use the WKU game to work on the passing game. Um, yeah, I think I got this one right and it was evident from the get-go.
There will be concerns for the first couple of quarters. I think there were concerns throughout the game, personally.
It will take longer to put WKU away than it took to beat down Michigan. Ding!
AJ will complete more than 55% of his passes 14 of 19 is a resounding yes!
AJ will attempt more than 20 passes. Ok, so he THREW 19 passes but he TRIED to throw 8 other times.  I’m going for partial credit here.
The passing game will sputter and continue to be a work in progress. Six sacks and two dropped passes certainly counts as a bit more than a sputter.
We’ll see what Kenyan Drake has to offer. A 32 yard TD certainly qualifies and I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.
Christion Jones catches a short slant and goes for at least 30 yards. Again, I’m going for partial credit.  Norwood lined up in Jones’ slot position, caught a slant and went 47 yards.
We will throw two screens. Ding!  Loved the tunnel screen to Jones, btw.
WKU has the worst mascot in sports. Did you see that thing?  I rest my case!  J
WKU will move the ball consistently on Bama. Waaay too much for my liking.
The WKU TE will have a good day against Bama. He led both teams in receptions.
Dickson will get at least one sack. I nearly called for the sack fumble here, too.
Alabama will pin their ears back and attack the WKU QB. We actually blitzed far more than I realized when watching the game tape.
Alabama will have fewer picks in this game than against Michigan. Bama had just one pick against WKU and had three against Michigan.
Alabama will have more sacks against WKU than they had against Michigan. True dat – we had four in this game and only one against Michigan.
The score at the end of the first quarter will be closer than the Michigan game. Easy pickings here.
The score at the end of the first half will be closer than the Michigan game. This was almost unfair.  I mean, how could any team be as woeful as the Wolverines?
The safeties will blow a coverage in the middle of the field. There was really only one blown coverage during the game and it wasn’t awful.  But, it counts.
Alabama will play a lot of zone and come with zone blitzes. Bama played zone a ton, hence the openings in the short zone to the backs.  We also came with a couple of zone pressures as well (they just weren’t effective).


Predictions We Got Wrong

WKU’s defensive line would capitulate faster than a Frenchman. I got this one wrong unless I get to count the French resistance.
The Bama OL will wear down the small DL of WKU. Way, way, way off on this one.
Yeldon will get more than 11 carries. Wow.  He only had six carries.  A WHIFF by me!
Lacy will get limited carries. Lacy actually led Bama with 9 carries.
Look for a lot of the power I look. We never got a big enough lead to settle on pounding the rock.
AJ will go over 250 yards. Just missed.  AJ went for 219 and Sims went for another 6 yards.  The six sacks cost me here.
We’ll sputter in the red zone at least twice and have to settle for FGs. Try zero red zone sputters.  No FGs even attempted.
Norwood will go for over 100 yards. He had 92 yards receiving.  ARGH!
Vogler will get his first catch of the season. He still hasn’t even been targeted in the passing game.
Ely comes in and throws three passes. Ely didn’t even come in – Blake Sims did and only threw it once.
The WKU QB will be in for a long day passing. Actually, I thought he looked rather good.
Alabama will get at least four sacks. We only got three sacks.  Close again but not quite right.
Hubbard will get two sacks. Nope.  Try none.
Pettway gets a sack. Nope.  He did have a couple of pressures but no sacks.
Jesse Williams will make his presence known. Jesse “The Body” didn’t play (concussion).
Vinnie Sunseri crushes someone and knocks their helmet clean off. Vinnie was only in the game in nickel and dime situations so actually Nico delivered the biggest hit against WKU.


Correct – 20

Incorrect – 16


2 comments on “Western Kentucky W2W4 Report Card

  1. Judy Leathers says:

    I always read this. My favorite part. You’re doing well !


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