W2W4 Report Card – Florida Atlantic

It was another solid week for the Lighthouse prognosticators – check it out!

 Predictions We Got Right

Alabama should be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want. I didn’t go out on a limb here but Alabama’s ability to run (256 yds) or pass (247 yds) equally well proves they were able to do pretty much whatever they wanted.
The battered and bruised Owls will simply be looking to get home alive The Owls rushed 32 times and passed 13 times.  I don’t think they ever turned the engines off on their team buses.
Alabama’s offensive line should be able to strap skates onto the little owls and push them around the like little feathered shopping carts. The first string line pushed the little owls back into their own backfield all day.  DJ Fluker crushed them nearly singlehandedly.
I think AJ should have plenty of time to work on the downfield passing game. AJ had a sandwich and a couple of cups of coffee as the line held up very well.
Look for Bama to get a good-sized lead by halftime and then they’ll let the backups have the field for the majority of the second half. Alabama got up 30-0 and began substituting in the second quarter.  Subs played the majority of the second half, as well.
The second half of FAU should give you a glimpse as to which QB the staff prefers.  The Bama Lighthouse says it will be Sims, by the way. After Ely dropped his first snap, he was in the dog house.  Meanwhile, Blake Sims led yet another TD drive and took the majority of the snaps.
Put me down for prognosticating that either Vogler or Jones hauls in a catch this week Wow – this was ballsy!  Vogler hauled in his first catch of the season – sweet!
Will it actually be a blowout???  Yes. This was a layup, right?
Will it be over at halftime?  Yes. A little more gutsy but, still, a layup.
We should have scored in the 20’s by halftime, easily. We scored 30 points so winner, winner, chicken dinner here!
Will we outgain Georgia’s 703 yards?  No. 703 was a huge number – Bama “only” gained 503 yards.
Will we outscore UGA’s 56 points?  No. Nope – we had to settle for 4 field goals, otherwise this could have been a different story.
I suspect the Owls will try to run the ball, shorten the game and get back to their team buses as soon as possible. Again – they showed little interest in doing anything more than getting their paycheck and going home as quickly as possible.
I expect to see a lot of the fab freshmen linebackers. Tyler Hayes & Co were out there quite a bit.
The shutout streak should extend at least three more quarters. Boom!  A sincere thank you goes out to the Saucy Aussie for swatting away that FG!
FAU will have under 175 yards of total offense (this is a bold one since they got 138 on the ground against UGA).  FAU only gained 110 yards.  Again, this was bold but I was feeling good about this one.
Lastly, I predict you’ll need a roster close by because you likely will not recognize a few of the jerseys on the field. The Tide played 69 players during the game and even I had to consult the online rosters to figure out who some of the players were.
I think Jones returns one over 20 yards this week. My man Christion Jones returned one for 30 yards, thank you very much.  This was another gutsy call but, again, the Lighthouse nailed it!

 Predictions We Got Wrong

My crystal ball says Drake sets a career high in yards rushing this Saturday with two TDs Ahh, bummer.  He came up 22 yards short of his career high (57) and one TD short.  Sigh.  The kid is still pretty fun to watch, eh?
Alabama will create at least two more turnovers. NONE?  WTF?  Well, I guess when you just run the ball up the middle all day, you probably won’t turn it over much.  Rats.
Either Dickson or Hubbard will get another sack. We got three sacks but they were by Square, Lester and Mosley and Pagan each recorded half a sack.  
One of our safeties will record another interception.  Oooooh, man.  Robert Lester had a near miss as we almost nailed this one.  But, alas, no picks.

 Correct Predications – 18

 Incorrect Predictions – 4

  This was another outstanding week for the Bama Lighthouse which, evidently, casts a light on both the past and the future of Alabama football!


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