W2W4 Report Card – Ole Miss

It was not our best week at the Lighthouse, as the Bama offense let us all down.  That being said, we did nearly peg the score and we certainly got the flow of the game right.  Here’s the Ole Miss W2W4 Report Card:


Predictions We Got Right


It might actually be a judgment day of sorts for the Alabama defense. The Rebs picked up 16 first downs, scored 2 touchdowns and gained 218 yards of offense.
Look for Lacy to be the most effective Bama back. 19 rushes for 82 yards – next closest back was Yeldon with 38 yards rushing.
The Rebels will sell out to stop the run and force AJ to beat them with the pass. The Rebs limited the Tide rushing game to only 125 yards.  Wow.  Texas gained 350 yards rushing against Ole Miss.
Initially, we’ll struggle in the run game. True dat.  Over half of the backs’ rushing yards came in the second half.
I look for us to sell the corner and then turn sharply back towards the post (middle of the field) The post and/or square in was open and we hit four of these for big yardage.
I think Ole Miss stays under the number (a 31 point line last I looked. Final score:  33-14.  Alabama did not cover the spread.
I think we’ll throw at least two WR screens. We threw four to Amari Cooper.
Malzahn-esque offense (Zahny Freeze?) will test the soundness of the young Bama defenders in a way they have not yet been tested. Ole Miss turned the corner on our defense nine times which is highly unusual.  Bama also gave up season highs in points and yardage.
Just before the snap, Nick has a safety fly up to the line of scrimmage. Sunseri, Dix, Perry and Lester all blitzed at various times and contributed to the eight tackles for loss.
I’m looking for three or more sacks by the defense once again. Try five sacks.  Boom!
The secondary will record at least one sack either with a corner or safety blitz. Milliner had half a sack, Perry had one, and Sunseri had half a sack.  I’d say I got this one right!
Ole Miss will score more points than anyone has against Alabama thus far. The 14 points scored tied the amount that Michigan scored.
The Rebs will connect on a long pass to Moncrief. He hauled in a 31 yard catch on a well defended pass.
Alabama will hold the Black Bears to less than 150 yards rushing (they average 260). Alabama held Ole Miss to 80 yards rushing!
Alabama will record at least two picks in the game and these will be huge, huge plays. Alabama recorded three picks and the offense turned two of them (Lester fumbled one pick back to the Rebels) into points, pushing the lead to 27-7 before halftime.
Alabama may have an opportunity or two to improve on the one aspect of their special teams that is severely lacking – the kick return game. Wow – this was a good call, eh?  Christion Jones housed one from 99 yards out!
I fear this game may actually still be in doubt (2 score game) midway thru the third quarter. The score was 27-14 midway thru the third quarter.
I think by the end of the third quarter or so there should be nothing for upset hopeful fans to tune in for. At the end of the third quarter, Bama had the ball at the Ole Miss 25 and finished the drive with a field goal, ending any upset hopes.
Alabama 38    Ole Miss 17 Final score:  Alabama 33  Ole Miss 14.  We here at the Lighthouse count this as a win!


Predictions We Got Wrong


I’ll say Ole Miss will get two or more sacks. Ole Miss only got one sack and it was because AJ held the ball too long.
AJ will record his first 300 yard passing game of the season. 22 for 30 for 180 yards.  Um.  Not even close.
Tide should be able to hit a few easy throws against their poor secondary which, in turn, will open up the running game. The running game never really got going.  While I could give myself credit for the backs gaining more yardage in the second half, the fact is the running game never opened up.
AJ commits a turnover in this game. AJ was sacked, he did fumble but he recovered it himself.  I was mighty close on this one.
I see Bama piling up over 500 yards of offense. Or, Alabama will just gain 305 yards and we’ll be worried about the offense going into the bye week.
Bama will score over 35 points. Stupid red zone woes.  Four field goals???  If Bama puts ONE of those in the end zone then I get this one right.  Sigh.
Yeldon and Lacy will combine for 150 yards. They combined for 138 total yards.  Close again.
We’ll hit at least two post routes for over 20 yards while the Rebel Black Bears commit to covering the outside of the field We hit passes over the middle for 22, 17, 16 and 15 yards.  Again, mighty close and, honestly this one was more right than wrong but…
Ole Miss will gain more yards than anyone has thus far. Michigan gained 269 to the Rebels 218.  Rats.


Right Predictions:  19

Wrong Predictions:  9


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