W2W4 Report Card – LSU

Amazingly, the Lighthouse shined pretty brightly this week.  Yeah, we missed the score and whiffed on the whole “LSU can’t pass” thing but, other than that, pretty solid!

 Predictions We Got Right 

Expecting to dominate LSU’s defense is crazy talk. Bama once again struggled with the Tiger defense.
We expect to find the LSU end zone more than twice this year. Once.  Twice.  Three times, oh baby (or “fee times a mady” as Eddie Murphy would sing)
Mills gives a huge cushion for LSU.  Look for Bama to hit some outs and curls in front of him. In both of the two-minute drills, Mills was giving a HUGE cushion.  Excellent scouting and execution.  Thank you Mr Mills!
Look for the slot receivers to take an inside release and spring open. Christion Jones caught a beautiful pass that was just as we described.  Two other throws were wide open but incomplete and one ball was batted down (but the route was open).
The Alabama offense will have difficulty against LSU in short yardage. Bama really never faced a 3rd or 4th and short but they did fail on a 3rd and 3 and two 3rd and 4s.
We shouldn’t see any busted offensive line assignments. LSU’s defense isn’t complicated so Bama was able to put a “hat on a hat” all night long.
Screen passes to the backs should be wide open. One went to Lacy for 19 yards and the other went for the game winner.  Sweet!
Bama will use their TEs and backs to help defend against the LSU pass rush. The backs chipped a few times and the TEs and the O-line held up beautifully.
Tide running backs will have over 30 yards receiving. 47 yards, one touchdown and one Daniel Moore painting.  Check!
Michael Williams will not catch more than one pass. Easy pickings here.  One catch for 6 yards for Mr Williams.
Bama slot receivers will have a field day. Meet Kevin Norwood.  5 catches, 62 yards all out of the slot.  Christion Jones hauled in 4 for 40, with a couple of those coming from the slot, as well.
AJ will be sacked twice. Two times exactly.
AJ will fumble. Well, it was a fumbled handoff but it counts!
Alabama will gain much less than 400 yards of total offense. Bama gained 331.  Pretty much what was expected here.
If you see #88 in motion, it’s a run. 100% of the time.
The Lighthouse predicts some trickeration by Les Miles in this one. Ya think?  Onsides kick and a fake field goal – yeah, I’d say that counts.
The Lighthouse predicts LSU going for it on 4th down. Nice!  We love to get these right!  Fake field goal and he went for it on 4th and 1.
LSU will gain over 100 yards on the ground. LSU gained 139 with Hill getting 107 by himself.
Bama will sack Zack at least twice. Or, just twice.  Still nice!
Hill or Ford will lead them in rushing. Hello Jeremy Hill.  Impressive night for this young man.
LSU will go for it on fourth down at least twice. The fake field goal and then the Spencer Ware run.  Yep, check it out – we really predicted this!
LSU will bog down in the red zone and have to kick more field goals than they score touchdowns. Three field goal attempts, one fake field goal and getting stuffed on downs is more than twice as many touchdowns they scored.  This was predictable.

 Predictions We Got Wrong 

The Tide offensive coaches will be able to implement the same plan from the BCS game. With only 93 yards passing before the final drive, I’d say it wasn’t quite as successful as last year.
Look for Bama to complete short dink passes to the backs. While this pass was available, it was never completed.  One ball was batted down.
Play action passes should be wide open due to LSU’s aggressive nature in stopping the run. Except for the 2 two minute drives, it seemed very little was available in the passing game.
Tide backs will have five catches. Nope, only two receptions. But they were huge.
Bama will try to hit Kenny Bell on a deep ball. Nope – AJ tried to hit Amari Cooper instead.  Argh.
Bama will rush between 90 – 115 yards. Wow.  Waaaay off here.  166 yards for the Bama running game. 
LSU’s offense could have the ball all 60 minutes and they’d struggle to score. Well, they had the ball 40 minutes, scored 17 points and should have scored more!
Mettenberger will throw at least two picks. Or, none.  Seriously, what got into this dude?
The passing game should be ugly for LSU. Or, really ugly for Alabama.  298 yards passing.  Holy moly.  This was not in the pregame brochure.
We think Cyrus Jones will return a punt more than 15 yards. This is the biggest miss in Lighthouse history. Along with the muffed punt, Jones returned one punt for -4 yards.
Final score: Bama 20  LSU 9 Not.  Even.  Close.  But, the real result was way more exciting!

 Correct Predictions:  22

 Wrong Predictions:  11


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