W2W4 Report Card – Texas A&M

W2W4 Report Card – Texas A

All in all, a pretty outstanding week for the Lighthouse prediction staff.  We’ll be announcing winning lottery tickets in the coming weeks (kidding)!                                             

Predictions We Got Right 

Buckle up boys and girls, this is very likely going to be a bumpy ride! In our first paragraph we tried to tell you kids that this was going to be a tough game.
Someday soon, you’ll know him as a Heisman trophy winner – yeah, he really IS that good Any questions here?
The Lighthouse says this little game against the Aggies doesn’t particularly set up well and, for the first time this season, we feel the outcome is in doubt. This was the first time we nearly predicted a Bama loss.  Quite honestly, we wanted to pull the trigger here.
However, the Lighthouse feels it’s a given that A&M is going to move the ball some and we feel the Aggies will put some points up as well. Check on moving the ball and check on putting up points.
The offense’s ability to run the ball, control the clock and put up more than 20 points this week will determine the fate of the game this week. The offense’s inability to run the ball, control the clock and score points in the end determined the loss.
The Aggie defensive backs have been beaten deep numerous times in man to man coverage.  Basically, A&M gives you this look and dares you to try to attack their corners.  This will be the land of opportunity Saturday. Couldn’t have been more right on this one.  54 yard passes to Cooper and Bell along with another 50 yarder to Cooper says we were dead on here.
Against MSU, Moore injured his ankle so the Lighthouse thinks his production will be limited this Saturday. Moore really didn’t do much against Alabama in this game.  He was pretty well neutralized from making big plays.
AJ will hit someone deep for a quick six – the Lighthouse wants to say this will happen twice but we won’t get too crazy. 54 yards to Cooper.  Underthrows to Cooper and to Bell would have netted two more TDs off of bombs.
AJ will get sacked at least twice during this game Check.  And he was forced to scramble three other times.
AJ will throw for over 240 yards AJ threw for 309.
Look for the tight end to be used again against the blitz. Williams caught a beautiful throw back which caught the Aggies flat footed against the blitz.  He was also targeted deep on another blitz.
if you haven’t seen Johnny Football play yet this season, you’ll likely drop your jaw more than once during this game. If your jaw didn’t drop then it’s wired shut.
Look for A&M to watch some film and try to exploit the weaknesses of Perry and Sunseri in pass coverage (something we’ve mentioned as a problem all year).  Sunseri was targeted and Lester was roasted numerous times.  Over the last two weeks our safeties have looked horrific in coverage.
But, also look for Bama to replace Perry with backup cornerback John Fulton in the dime packages Fulton struggled early but stepped up big time later in the game.  He gave up about six inches to Evans but more than held his own.
Look for the majority of the Bama blitzes to come from Johnny’s right in an effort to force him away from his strength. We blitzed him from all over the place from the second quarter on, with several coming from Johnny’s right.  Sadly, one of these blitzes forced a huge 32 yard run.
Look for Belue, Milliner and Lester to blitz quite a bit as they are the fastest UA defenders Milliner and Lester blitzed numerous times as the game wore on.
We predict A&M will score more than 17 points Ding!  29.  Yikes.
Bama will record three or more sacks Ding!  Try four.
CJ Mosley will dominate this game statistically because he’ll be the best player on the field other than Manziel. 14 tackles and a sack that was nearly a safety.  He also singlehandedly stopped A&M for the first time in the game.
Lastly, Johnny Football will impress you and depress you when you realize he’s only a freshman – four more years of him may actually be worse than Obama!  Anyway, look for just over 300 total yards for Johnny this week. Johnny Manziel gained 345 yards all by his lonesome.  92 on the ground and 253 thru the air.

 Predictions We Got Wrong 

Alabama will rush for over 200 yards Bama rushed for 122 yards.  As a comparison, LSU rushed for 219 yards against them.
Alabama will score more points in the second half than they will in the first. ARGH!  Well, the Tide should have scored on two drives in the fourth quarter but a fumble and an interception kept this prediction from being right on the money. 
They will also rush for more yards in the second half. Alabama rushed for 39 yards in the second half.  Does this sound like an Alabama team to you?  Difference in the game right here.
We predict Bama will get gashed up the middle several times while trying to stop Manziel. This never happened.  Alabama stuffed the interior running game of the Aggies.
The Tide will pick off two passes Or zero. 
will play much better in the secondary than they did against LSU Or worse.
We look for this game to be a bit of a shootout with Alabama putting up a late score or two to eventually put the game away. Final Score:  Alabama 31     Texas A&M 20 Alabama was 2 yards away from making this prediction become a near reality.  Soooo close to getting this right.  Yeldon’s fumble and AJ’s interception kept this from being right.

 Total Correct – 20

 Total Wrong – 7


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