W2W4 Report Card – 2013 BCS Championship Game

Well, this was the worst prediction week of the season for the W2W4 segment.  While a lot of the analysis was right, the thought that the Irish front 7 could slow down Bama’s running game crippled the accuracy of this week’s W2W4.  There were some bright spots like where we told you Teo had issues when he engaged defenders and that the Irish were susceptible to the play action pass around the goalline, so at least we got that part right!

 Anyway, here it is – enjoy!!!!

 Predictions We Got Right 

When Teo is engaged with an offensive lineman he’s rarely able to disengage and make a tackle. Even walk on Kelly Johnson was able to manhandle Teo on occasion so when Warmack got a hold of him it was over.
Play action passing will be deadly against the Irish. Pretty much any pass was open but the play action passes were especially effective.
Checkdowns to the backs should be available. Nothing epitomized this more than the TD catch that Lacy had when he caught the checkdown and spun past three Irish defenders for a touchdown.
At the goalline, the Irish can be victimized by play action on first and second down. The touchdown pass to Michael Williams made me smile as the entire Irish goalline defense shot the gaps expecting the run.  Williams was wide open.
You can also run the ball off the tackle against ND’s goalline defense. Yeldon walked in between the G and T at the goalline.
If I’m wrong about the Irish stopping the Bama running game, the Tide will win by more than 2 touchdowns. Bama won by four touchdowns because ND couldn’t stop the run.
If Bama is patient, they can score on long 10+ play drives. Alabama scored on drives of 82, 61, 80, 71, 97, 86 and 75 yards.
AJ will throw for around 250 yards. AJ threw for 264 yards – finally a good prediction.
Cooper will have 7 catches. He had 6 – c’mon, that’s pretty accurate, right?
The combo of Yeldon/Lacy will combine to be Bama’s second leading receiver. Lacy dropped two and Yeldon dropped one or this would have been a big time pick.   As it was, they combined for 3 catches for 17 yards and a touchdown.
The Irish offense isn’t very good. They weren’t really much of a challenge.
The Irish basically have two plays – throw a jump ball or allow Golson to extend plays to complete passes down the field. This is essentially all they did.  Throw a jump ball or back shoulder fade or have Golson run around and make a play.
Look for Bama to blitz in this game more than usual. Bama started the game and ended the game with a variety of blitzes.
Look for ND to use an up-tempo offense as they did against USC Sooooo predictable.
Look for Saban to keep Mosley in at all times on defense. Mosley never came off the field and was named defensive MVP of the game.
The Irish won’t be able to run the ball. Check.
The backs will rush for less than 60 yards. Check.
The Irish will rush for less than 120. Correct again.  Golson was seen as a running threat so that’s why there were two rushing predictions.
Alabama will have an advantage in special teams. Thanks to Cody Mandell and Cade Foster, this was dead on.
The team that commits the fewest turnovers and converts the most third downs will win. Bama won the turnover margin as well as the third down converstions.
Alabama will win their 15th championship Monday night. Winner!
If I’m wrong about Notre Dame stuffing the Bama run, it will be a blowout win and I’ll gladly eat crow. Bon appetit!

 Predictions We Got Wrong 

This game will obliterate the previous record for the most watched game. Due to the game quickly becoming a blowout, this game ranked third in all time ratings.
The Irish will slow down the Tide’s running game Mega-wrong.  Wow.  Worst prediction of the year.
Wide receiver screens will be used and will be wide open. We threw one wide receiver screen.  Just one.
Yeldon will likely be the more effective runner against Notre Dame. Nope – it was Lacy.  He was much more effective.
The Tide will be forced to pass more than they run. Bama ran 45 times and passed it 28 times.
Alabama will have to settle for field goals. Alabama didn’t have to attempt a single field goal.  Neither did Notre Dame.
Alabama will be held to under 140 yards. How funny is it that Lacy alone rushed for exactly 140?  I think I got this one wrong.
AJ will throw a pick into coverage. McCarron didn’t throw a single pick.
AJ will be victimized by two coverage sacks. The only hit on AJ was when Barrett Jones leveled him.
Cooper will not have a catch over 20 yards in the air. That 34 yard TD pass was sweet!  He also had two near misses on deep balls.
Look for Golson to fumble the football at least once. Nope – no fumbles by Golson.
Eifert will lead them in catches. Nope, it was Jones.  Now, they sure tried to throw it to Eifert a bunch…
Riddick will be the second leading receiver. Wow – their best playmaker caught just 1 passes.
The Irish will only score one TD. Almost got this one right.
The Irish will settle for field goals. Nope – they didn’t attempt a single one.
Notre Dame will fake a punt or field goal out of frustration. Nope.
If Bama can catch a punt, you should see a nice return in the punt game. Nope – just saw several fair catches and one muffed punt…
Final score:  Alabama 19  ND 13 Way, way, way wrong.  Worst score prediction of the year.

 Correct Predictions:  22

 Incorrect Predictions:  18


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