Dee Stands for Dummy

For a lot of you, today’s article is going to be very unpopular.  However, the header of this blog says we “cast a light on the good AND the bad of Alabama football.”  Today, we’ll examine the bad.

By now, I’m sure many of you have seen the glorious picture of Dee Liner holding out a wad full of cash.  If you haven’t, then here you go.

In Dee’s infinite wisdom, he thought it would be a spectacular idea to tweet this picture out for all the world to see.  Really Dee?  THIS is a good idea?

If you are a “By Godder” then you are coming up with a zillion reasons why Dee Liner is an upstanding kid who is just misunderstood.  By Godders are likely referencing the now infamous Dakota Mosley as their shining example of how being pictured with wads of cash doesn’t result in any infractions on their school they are attending.

Yeah – goodie for you guys for pointing that out.  But, if you are using Mosley as your shining beacon of hope, I’d like to also point out that Mosley became addicted to spice, failed a ridiculous amount of drug tests and was sent to prison for armed robbery.  How’s that for a shining example?

Mosley was pictured here on his Facebook page with wads of cash shortly after he signed his commitment papers to Auburn University.  And, yes, By Godders are correct in saying that absolutely nothing happened in the way of sanctions regarding Mosley or Auburn.  The fact is Alabama will likely not receive any sanctions whatsoever regarding Liner’s picture.

Hooray for Alabama.  But, what will happen to Dee Liner?

Liner has now been involved in three questionable incidents in the last year.  Three.  Last year Liner was arrested twice in 10 days – once for confronting an officer who had pulled over his mother (he was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct) and once for criminal trespassing at a public school in Sheffield.  Now he’s flashing wads of cash for all the world to see.  To me, this third incident involving the picture is the worst incident of the three, even though it’s the only one of the three where there was no arrest.  Why? 

Because there are only three real reasons why Liner could suddenly have this wad of cash to make it rain:

  1. He got paid for committing and enrolling at Alabama
  2. He got paid or received the money for his involvement in illegal activities
  3. He just won the McDonald’s Mega Millions jackpot

If it’s number one, that’s going to be impossible to prove on any level.  Ask Dakota Mosley or Auburn’s compliance department and they’ll confirm it’s simply not possible to prove where that money came from.  Nothing to worry about there for Alabama or for Liner.

But, what if it’s door number 2?  Honestly doesn’t that seem to be the most likely scenario of the three?  This picture with the cash is the typical kind of picture that is sent out to the masses in order to get yourself some street cred.  Jimmy Johns had street cred.  Dakota Mosley had street cred.  Maurice Clarett had street cred, too.   There isn’t exactly a long line of successful athletes who excelled after engaging in this kind of stupidity.  And even if the money was gained legitimately, you have to question the motives for sending it out to the world.  You have to know that all hell is going to rain down on you as soon as you hit send, right?  So why send it?  Even By Godders would have a tough time explaining this…

Look, maybe Liner has a chance to be something special and maybe he comes out of this completely unscathed and in the clear.  But, history tells me that the kind of kid who is worried about flashing cash and getting his street cred is the kind of kid that won’t last very long on a Nick Saban team (or any team for that matter).  We’ll see what the future holds for Dee Liner but right now Dee stands for Dummy.


One comment on “Dee Stands for Dummy

  1. More important to me is the issue of how deeply these three incidents bury him in Coach Saban’s doghouse. As we have seen in the past, occupying a spot in that doghouse can be a precarious position. Few escape it completely… and most who do find themselves playing their ball at Troy or UNA or Stillman.


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