Three Sheets to the Win over Colorado State

We’ve been a little pressed for time here at the Bama Lighthouse this week so we apologize that some of the usual content has been a day late and a dollar short.  Between travelling to College Station and some technical issues in my mom’s basement (kidding!), we’ve seemingly been playing a catch-up all week.  I still haven’t had a chance to grade myself on the A&M game – that should be an entertaining little task…

So, there won’t be a W2W4 this week but, in the meantime, we did have a moment to give you guys three guys to watch on each side of the ball as we prepare for the Colorado State game.

Remember, each week the Lighthouse staff is going to select three offensive and three defensive players to shine a light on as keys to a victory.  We are calling it “Three Sheets to the Win” because if we are wrong, we’re blaming it on being three sheets to the wind when we picked them.  Make sense?  Also, in sailing terms, sheets are lines.  So, these three players need to be pulling the sheets in the same direction if we want to sail this ship to Pasadena!

Three Sheets to the Win on Offense

With Colorado State giving up 200+ yards on the ground the last two times out, it would be a safe bet to think that Alabama will use Saturday to continue to establish their running game.  Look for a heavy dose of running the football along with a few deep shots from AJ McCarron just to make it a complete victory.  And, this should be a complete victory.  Here are your guys to watch Saturday night…

Kenyan “Shake N” Drake – It was great to see Kenyan Drake’s performance last week and we believe you will get an even heavier dose of him against Colorado State.  The Rams’ defense is undersized, much like the Aggies were, so you should see Alabama pound the rock with a variety of backs.  We LOVE Drake’s burst and vision and we think he has a big game tomorrow.

Amari Cooper – Out of AJ’s nine incompletions against A&M, SIX of them were thrown at Amari Cooper.  These two haven’t been in sync yet this season so Saturday would be a lovely time for them to work out the kinks.

OJ Howard – OJ was one of the calls we got right last week and we think that he should be a big weapon against CSU Saturday.  The Rams will be lining up in a 3-4 front most of the afternoon and we just don’t see how any of their linebackers will be able to stay with Howard.  And, if the running game gets going like we think it will, the play action passing game down the seams should be wide open.

Three Sheets to the Win on Defense

Bradley Sylve, Geno Smith and Maurice Smith – Yes – I listed three guys right off the bat.  You got me.  But, all three of these guys are in the same position – fighting for a starting job in the secondary.  We think each will be given an opportunity to show the staff that they can be the guy.  Of the three, we kinda like Sylve for some reason but Mr and Mr Smith are up and coming stars.

Cade Foster – Ok, so he’s technically not a defensive player.  But, since we are already breaking the rules by listing three guys as one “sheet” then we feel brazen enough to put a kicker down as a defensive player.  Foster has yet to attempt a field goal this season and we really think he should break the seal prior to the Ole Miss game.  Otherwise, we are afraid the first time Cade is called on for a field goal then Foster might be Australian for shank.

Sacks – Denzell Devall, Adrian Hubbard, Xzavier Dickson and company will all be relieved to finally be able to cut loose and rush the passer.  Against Virginia Tech and Texas A&M, the pass rushers had to be cognizant of keeping their rush lanes in order to contain the quarterbacks.  However, on Saturday they can finally play with some reckless abandon.  Look for the mother of all onslaughts early on to get them some much-needed confidence heading into the Ole Miss game.


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