Grading the Texas A&M W2W4

Those of you who have followed the blog for a while know that I grade myself on the W2W4’s each week.  Unfortunately, it’s taken me quite some time to finally sit down and review the W2W4 from the Texas A&M game but I have to say I was fairly pleased with it.  I think we all were shocked at the amount of yards and points A&M got but we weren’t surprised on how they got them.  As we were leaving to go to the game, Gameday was talking about Mike Evans and I thought, “Damn – I forgot to mention that he’s a match-up nightmare.  Ahh, there’s no time to add that and, honestly, how bad can it be.”  Oops.  Anyway, here are the grades from A&M – not too bad…

Predictions we got right

A&M will score. They will score more than you want them to. Yeah, so we got that one just a little right.
A&M’s defense isn’t anything close to Virginia Tech’s. Any Questions?
Look for the Aggies to crowd the line of scrimmage just as the Hokies did. They did, they just weren’t very successful.
Alabama will crease the A&M blitz and rush for over 200 yards. Bama gained 234 yards rushing.
Yeldon will go for 150 yards. He went for 149 and I’m rounding up.  Heckuva prediction coming off the Va Tech game.
Bama will get several big plays down the field – at least three passes over 20 yards. White, Howard, Bell, Norwood and Cooper all had catches for over 20 yards.
Yeldon and Howard/Vogler will combine for at least six passes. They combined for seven catches for 96 yards.  Howard had 3 for 68 by himself.
Alabama will gain large chunks of yardage on the ground. Yeldon, Fowler and Drake all had runs for over 15 yards.
Alabama will tighten up their blitz pickups and line calls. Yeah, I think they worked a few kinks out.
Alabama should be able to run the ball at will.  The game will be won or lost by the offensive line. No question about it.
Alabama’s defensive line will just be asked to lean on the offensive line and form picket fence. It didn’t work but that’s exactly what they did. 
Alabama will blitz Mosley, Collins and Clinton-Dix They did.  But it didn’t work either.
Alabama wants to force Manziel to throw from the pocket all day long. True dat.  And he did a damn good job of it.
The problem is he can throw from the pocket with a lot of success. Who knew?  We did.
Look for hitch routes, screens and hook routes at or near the line of scrimmage. They did this a good bit.
Alabama will force Manziel into at least one pick, probably two. Alabama forced two interceptions!  Hooray!
We don’t think you’ll see Trey DePriest much We didn’t.
Manziel will eclipse the 253 yards of passing from last year. 4. 6. 4.  Four hundred sixty four.  464 yards passing.  Ouch.
Final Score Alabama 34  Texas A&M 27 Well, we did nail the margin of victory, so there’s that.

Predictions we got wrong

Look for the Tide to establish the running game early. Nope.  Only two of the first 14 plays were runs.
AJ will be sacked 3 times Nope.  Not once.  Pretty amazing job by the offensive line here.
AJ will throw an interception. Nope!  He never even came close to throwing one.
We look for Geno Smith to make a big play this week. Well, he didn’t even get onto the field until the fourth quarter so we missed badly here.
Look for Landon Collins to have his best game this week…he’ll be huge. He was called upon to do everything we said he would be but he didn’t really excel.  He didn’t suck, either, but we are putting this down as a miss.  It’s debatable.
Ryan Anderson will have his coming out party. He played a decent amount which was unusual for him.  But, we knew he’d have to given the pace and the heat.  He played a lot but didn’t really do much.
Alabama will hold Manziel to well under the 92 yards rushing he gained last year. Nope.  In fact, he gained 98 yards this time.  A&M added a little wrinkle which allowed him to get outside of containment numerous times.
With all the time spent on stopping this offense, you have to think the defense will be better this time around. Nope.  We were waaaaaay off on this.  Of course, so was everyone else.
Alabama will make things difficult for Manziel. Not hardly.

Final Tally:  Correct – 19      Incorrect – 9


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