Grading the Kentucky W2W4

This is easily our finest work in the W2W4 segment.  Enjoy!

Predictions We Got Right

Kentucky’s up-tempo passing game hasn’t quite gotten off the ground. They were abysmal, and by knocking out their first QB, they actually had the better passing QB in for the majority of the game!
KY’s interior size on defense doesn’t matter – they are 13th in the conference against the run. 299 yards of rushing says we got this one correct!
The KY pass defense appears to be good but if you dig deeper you’ll find it is not. AJ threw for a career high 359 yards and should have had a bunch more than that.
Our guess is that Grant Hill and Austin Shepherd will split time. Bingo!  That’s a goodie!  They split time throughout.
Look for Amari to run mostly short to intermediate routes. The deep shots were to White and Jones.
Look for deep shots to DeAndrew White His 40 yard catch was called back due to a holding penalty but we are going to count this anyway!
Alabama will own the time of possession 36 minutes to 24 minutes.  Winner!
Alabama will have two 100 yard rushers Yeah, we called it.  Our favorite three words are “we were right” – we were right!
AJ will have over 250 yards and a high completion percentage. Well, if guys would have caught the ball we would have gotten both of these right.
Kentucky does not have a tremendous passing QB on their roster Neither of their QBs were impressive.
Alabama’s defense will make life difficult on the KY passing game Kentucky concentrates their throws on short patterns and Alabama ate them up.
Alabama’s defense will pour into the Cats’ backfield Alabama registered four sacks and another tackle for loss.
Kentucky will catch us out of position a few times on defense There were two blown coverages (one resulted in a touchdown) and a couple of plays where we were out of position.
Alabama will set a season high in sacks. Boom!
A’shawn Robinson and Jeoffrey Pagan will be in the backfield a lot. Robinson was so we are counting this as a winner.
Alabama will get burned deep by Javess Blue Blue scored the Cats’ lone touchdown on a 30 yard pass play down the middle.
Look for Christion Jones to have a nice game Yup – Jones had a 30 yard punt return.


Predictions We Got Wrong

Look for Kentucky to sack AJ at least twice Wrong!  How about zero sacks!
Hitches and screens will play a prominent role this week You know, they really didn’t.  There were a couple of screens and a swing pass but honestly most everything was thrown down the field.
Look for Mosley or DePriest to light one of the little KY backs up on pass coverage Mosley killed a kitty on a running play but they really didn’t jack anyone up in coverage.
Alabama will pick off two passes Vinnie Sunseri nearly had one but, alas, we got a big fat zero on this one.
CJ Mosley will pick off a pass or deflect one into a pick. Nope.


Correct:  17

Incorrect: 5


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