Auburn’s Goal Line Alignment Problems

In the W2W4, I mentioned Auburn’s goal line defense’s alignment issues against Georgia.  Thankfully, after a week of practice and film study, Auburn still didn’t get it right.  In the picture below, take a look at the number of down linemen from Ryan Kelly’s center position to the left side of the line.  There are FIVE bodies to left side of the line, four of which have their hands on the ground.  Now, look to the right.  There is one single solitary lineman with his hand on the ground and, not coincidentally, that’s where TJ Yeldon found the end zone.


Numerically, running right was an easy win.  With Jalston Fowler providing the lead block, you essentially have a numbers advantage to the right side and with that inviting soft spot in the Auburn line, it was an easy touchdown.


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