Alabama Film Review – Bateman’s Struggles

Welcome back to what is right now or favorite segment at the Lighthouse.  Thru the magic of television, Vines, Twitter and Blogs, we are able to bring you actual moving pictures that illustrate what we see when we review the films of the games.  While we still love to provide you with a very thorough game review, we love the ability to give you the supporting video evidence.  It’s a pretty awesome tool!

With that said, we begin this week’s analysis with the play of Cooper Bateman.  The decision to start Bateman this week was perplexing, especially since the game plan called for him to establish himself as a runner off the zone read.  The key to the zone read being effective is for Bateman to, you know, read the defense.  Here are a few struggles in that area.

Our first clip shows you a beautifully designed play to OJ Howard.  Look at the run fake which allows Bateman to pull the ball out and hit OJ for a big gainer.  This was perfect:

Our second clip shows the same play, this time leaving Kenyan Drake wide open with two blockers to the top of the screen.  Unfortunately, Bateman somehow doesn’t read the defensive end who is crashing down hard – he’s the guy who takes down Henry after one yard.  Look at the open field in front of Drake…

Later, facing a 4th & 5, Bateman correctly reads that Robert Foster is open on the slant.  Unfortunately, the ball is thrown towards the wrong shoulder, stopping Foster in his tracks a yard short of the first down.  Right read, bad, bad throw.

Bateman did have some good moments but with the bad reads, inaccurate throws and horrendous pick, it left little doubt who the best QB on the Bama roster is.

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