Alabama v Ole Miss Film Review – The Bad

With the magic of Vines, we are able to show you the story as well as tell you the story.  In our game review we told you about many of the offensive struggles against Ole Miss – both schematically as well as individually.  Here are a few of the plays that garnered our attention this week…

First, we take a look at 2nd & goal from the Ole Miss 2 yard line.  Give the ball to Henry, right?  Well, Lane Kiffin tried to outthink the room by giving Calvin Ridley the ball 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage and the results were predictable.  It was a bad play call but pay close attention to the poor blocking efforts against Ole Miss’ best defender, Robert Nkemdiche (#5).

Well, I mean, that was just one really bad play against Nkemdiche, right?  Nope.  Once again it’s Ryan Kelly (#70) in the trail position – never a good tactic for an offensive lineman…

Sometimes the play calls put the offensive line in a bad position.  Attacking the flanks of the Ole Miss defense was suicide.  If you guys want more examples of this, I’m very happy to oblige.  Out of 8 attempts at the flanks, only one play went for more than two yards.  Check out the number of white jerseys that rally to the ball – Ole Miss’ defensive forte is speed so running wide is madness.

Lastly, sometimes it was just bad execution on the part of Alabama’s players.  Last week, we highlighted OJ Howard’s poor recognition of a blitz, the down and the line to gain.  This week on 3rd & 5, he ran a four yard pattern.  Not good.

Sometimes it was the scheme.  Sometime it was an individual’s execution of the schemes.   Basically, these are the things that need to get cleaned up in a hurry or else there will be a few more difficult evenings ahead.

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