Alabama vs Ole Miss Film Review – Jake Coker’s Night

The universe remains mystified by the choice to start Cooper Bateman against Ole Miss but we here at the Lighthouse think there is no longer any decision to be made.  We talked about Coker’s night in our very thorough game review and we even highlighted a couple of his fabulous runs in an earlier film review.  This film session is devoted to showing you the video that supports our assessment of his performance.

Let’s go ahead and get his two picks out of the way, shall we?  This particular play was all kinds of bad.  First, notice Coker stares down his receiver (OJ Howard, #88).  Second, notice that the throw is to the wrong shoulder of Howard – if the ball had to be thrown (we advised against it but Coker couldn’t quite hear us from the stands), it should have been thrown to Howard’s left shoulder and not his right shoulder.  Lastly, notice that there are two white jersey’s there and either one of them could have picked off this ill advised pass.

The second pick was not Coker’s fault.  I’ve heard so many Alabama fans bashing away at Coker for throwing this pick so hopefully, if you are one of these people, this video will prove that Coker was not to blame.  If you want to blame Kiffin for getting greedy and calling for a bomb when there was over three minutes remaining in the game, then go for it.  If you want to blame Ryan Kelly for escorting an Ole Miss defender into Coker’s sternum, be my guest.  But, don’t blame Coker – he obviously couldn’t step into this throw and that’s why it fell 15 yards short of the target.  Oh, by the way, the safety was caught flat footed – the receiver was open.

Here’s an even better view…

So, one pick was on Coker and one obviously was not.  Here is a compilation of throws that give us hope that the good Coker is going to outweigh the bad Coker.  Remember, this is the kid that rallied the Tide from 30-10 and 43-24 deficits and forced you to stay up way past your bed time.  Enjoy this series of outstanding throws…

This one was on 4th & 10 – notice how he avoids the rush and steps into the throw.

This was a seed…

Between the toughness of his running and the ability to make some pretty outstanding throws, there’s no question in our mind who the quarterback should be for the remainder of the season.

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