Alabama vs Ole Miss Film Review – The Good

While there were plenty of bad plays to break down offensively, when you score 37 points then there are going to be some really good ones, as well.  For a very thorough game review, you can hit this  link.  Here are a few of our favorite offensive clips from the Ole Miss game.

Just to make sure we have your attention, here’s a freak nasty stiff arm from Derrick Henry on the little brother Nkemdiche.  I can’t tell if he’s stiff arming or just striking a Heisman here – you be the judge (but I’m pretty sure Henry yells “GET SOME, BEOTCH!”)…

While the Henry play was excellent, this Richard Mullaney play was just silly.  We told you coming into the season that Mullaney would be a name that you needed to know.  Now you know why.  BTW – check out the excellent throw that leads Mullaney perfectly to the pylon.

Down 30-10, this was a man who didn’t want to go down quietly.  If this didn’t jack you up at the time then you have no pulse.  If, after four hours, you don’t get a rise out of watching this play, you might want to consult a physician…

On a critical 3rd & 10 in the red zone, Jake Coker decided to take matters into his own hands.  Personally, I think this is exactly the kind of moxie and leadership Saban has been waiting for.  Love the pop at the end of the play from Mullaney – gotta play thru the whistle boys!

Lastly, there isn’t much to say about this play.  Simply put, this was the best onsides kick I’ve ever seen.  Stewart and Brown are sent down the left side as football-seeking missiles.  It couldn’t have worked more beautifully…

There were several plays to choose from including any of the five screen passes to Derrick Henry or many of the interior runs.  But, these were some faves.  Next up, we’ll look at Jake Coker’s night.

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