Alabama vs ULM Vines – Looking at the pass rush

Here four defensive line plays that stood out to me during the ULM game.  In the first Vine, you can see how ULM, Ole Miss and Middle Tennessee chose to combat Alabama’s dominant defensive line.  First, watch the quarterback.  He’s already in the shotgun and then he takes a couple of short steps back before getting the ball out very quickly.  Next, take a look at the guard and the tackle as they go low and aim for the knees/shins/ankles in an effort to “cut” down the Bama defensive line.  This opens up a passing lane for the short, quick throw.

This next Vine is what happens to a quarterback if he holds the ball while elite pass rushers like De’Shawn Hand (9), Rashaan Evans (32) and Tim Williams (56) get to rush the quarterback together – they decided to hold a quick meeting with the QB.  Good times here…

Next, we get an idea of what Rashaan Evans can be if the Tide can find a way to put him on the field.  This is just a ridiculous pass rush.

Lastly, this just made me laugh.  You may want to block #86…

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