Alabama vs ULM Vines – the Good, Bad and Interesting on Defense

There were three plays that stood out to me on defense against Louisiana Monroe.  The first is a clip of an adjustment that Alabama seemed to make against the fly sweeps and perimeter runs.  Note how #30, Denzell Devall, flattens out and forces the run back inside.  Next, notice #10, Reuben Foster.  It’s his job to quickly read this and make the tackle – something he will have to do much, much better this week against Georgia.

If Foster was a bad example of how to make a tackle, then Ronnie Harrison would like to assure you that he certainly knows how to bring a man down.  This was impressive from the true freshman!

Lastly, I just found this play to be very interesting.  For the first time in a very, very long time, on 4th and 10 Alabama chose to send a three man rush and use #22, Ryan Anderson, as a spy.  Remember, Alabama recorded six sacks on the day so we think this was something they’ve been toying around with.  Incidentally, Anderson played a heck of a game on Saturday.  Anyway, this was interesting and curious all at the same time – personally, I loved mixing it up and giving the QB something else to read. Oh, and it resulted in an interception…

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