Alabama vs ULM Vines – the Good, Bad and Interesting on Offense

In this first Vine, it may be a little hard to tell but on the initial rollout, Coker is looking to hit Mullaney in the slot.  However, Mullaney is covered so Coker buys just enough time to let Stewarts deep route develop and the result is a strike thrown on the run for a TD.  Nice.

Next, the design of this play is just magnificent and the fact that they designed this play specifically for walk-on Michael Nysewander (46) makes it that much more impressive.  Note that Nysewander lines up in the slot initially and then motions to his customary fullback position.  ULM bites hard on the play action fake, leaving open grass for Nyse-to-wander into the end zone.  The clip doesn’t show the sweet move he put on at the end of the run but trust us, he scores.

The next Vine shows a very subtle play by Chris Black (1).  At the snap, Black recognizes a blitz is coming off of his side of the formation so Black cuts his route short and sits down in the vacated area.  It’s a simple thing but it’s a veteran play that is critical to the success of an offense.  PS – it was really good to see Black get some quality playing time.

Lastly, we look at another subtle play that can mean the difference between success and failure on a play.  Here, Jake Coker is launching another bomb down the field, this time intended for Ardarius Stewart (13).  Take a look at where Stewart’s hand are when he makes the catch.  He really needs to find a way to get vertical and extend his arms in an effort to high point the ball here.  It’s the right read by Coker as he’s giving Stewart a chance to make a play in one on one coverage.  Stewart need to find a way to attack the ball here…

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