Alabama vs ULM Vines – Troubling Blocking Issues

Alabama has struggled this year to consistently block their opponents and the ULM game was no exception.  However, sometimes the issues are not even related to the offensive line.  We came into the season lamenting over the fact that Alabama didn’t have a true in-line tight end who could block.  These next two Vines will highlight this glaring issue…

First, check out the horrific block from OJ Howard.  Honestly, we could pull a few of these per game but this one was the worst this week.  Check out #88 on the end – his guy makes the tackle.  Pretty sure this isn’t the technique he was asked to use…

Next up, we have Dakota Ball in a bit of a max protection look.  He’s #94 lined up as a fullback and he’s tasked with picking up the blitzer.  For the second week in a row, Coker is hit as he tries to step into throwing a deep ball and for the second week in a row he’s picked off.  Ball would probably tell you he can do better here…

Kenyan Drake had to leave the game on this 4th & 5 when he lost his shoe.  Enter true freshman Damien Harris (34) who entered the game and failed to pick up either of the blitzing linebackers.  In Harris’ defense, Alphonse Tayler (50) didn’t fare much better with his assignment.

Lastly, sometimes speed and athleticism can overcome poor blocking.  Notice the guy who knifes into the backfield and chases Kenyan Drake to the corner.  Can you tell which offensive lineman got the Blue Bayou (“blew by you”) call on this one?  If you guessed Alphonse Taylor (50) then you guessed right.  Tough day for Taylor as he couldn’t quite slow down this blitzing backer.  He’ll have to do better against Georgia when he faces bigger, faster and more aggressive linebackers.

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