Alabama versus Georgia – Bama Running the Football

Alabama’s offensive line had a terrific game against Georgia last week – perhaps their best game this season.  Here are a few running plays that caught our eyes…

The Henry touchdown run shows what can happen when everyone gets “a hat on a hat.”  Each and every Bama offensive lineman is able to lock onto their man and move them against their will.  The key block is from #50 Alphonse Taylor and #76 Dominick Jackson, as the right side of the Tide line dominated on this play.  First, Taylor turns the defensive end out.  Next, in an interesting twist that I haven’t seen before, the right tackle (Jackson) pulls and caves in the UGA linebacker.  This opens a huge hole for Henry to scoot into the end zone…

Next up, Henry shows the ability that very, very few 240 lb running backs have and that is the ability to bounce a run outside.  Here, Henry starts up the middle but then bounces to his left outside of UGA’s containment.  He basically beats All-SEC LB Leonard Floyd (84) to the corner and then turns upfield for a big gainer.  Henry did this all day.

Lastly, this Coker touchdown run was just too easy.  Watch #51 in red bite hard on the fake to Henry and then nearly fall down as he tries to defend Coker.  Coker could have walked in…

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