Alabama versus Georgia – Chubb’s Touchdown Run

I’ve heard a lot of discussion about this particular play so I thought I would put it out here for you all to examine.  Here is the breakdown of Nick Chubb’s 83 yard touchdown run against the Alabama defense…

First, Georgia effectively double teams Alabama’s two defensive tackles on this play.  Both Jarren Reed (90) and Dalvin Tomlinson (54) get turned out and are unable to hold their ground.  Tomlinson is the key to the play here, as he is pushed back into the view and the running lane of linebacker Reggie Ragland (19).  It’s unclear if Ragland cannot see Chubb or if he simply cannot get there but it appears to be Ragland’s responsibility to fill this gap.

Reuben Foster (10) and Geno Matias-Smith (24) both come up in run support and each is assigned a particular lane to defend.  That is why neither of them seemed to get within the zip code of Chubb on this particular run.  With Foster defending the opposite gap and Ragland unable to defend his area, Chubb was off to the races.  Had Tomlinson been able to stand his ground against the double team, perhaps Ragland could have had the vision and the space to properly fill his gap.  Take a look…

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