Alabama versus Georgia – Passing Vines

There was a lot to like this week on offense as Alabama hammered the Dawgs with a brutal running game and then hit them with the play action pass.  All of the plays you’ll see in this post will feature a play action handoff and a wide receiver screen, both happening at the same time.

In this first Vine, notice the WR screen taking place at the top of the screen.  First, Coker fakes the handoff to Henry and then his eyes flash towards the WR screen.  Two UGA defenders race upfield to defend the screen while Calvin Ridley subtly fakes a block and then races downfield for a 50 yard gain.

Next, we see Jake Coker’s best throw of the day.  Once again, Bama shows the wide receiver screen at the top of the formation and Coker’s eyes get Georgia to bite hard on that play.  Next, Coker’s eyes come back to the middle of the field, finding Richard Mullaney matched up on Georgia LB Leonard Floyd.  Coker threads the throw perfectly.

Here’s a beautiful play design that is once again highlighted by Coker’s ability to manipulate the LB with his eyes.  Once again, Bama shows a screen – this time it’s in the form of a swing pass to Kenyan Drake.  As Drake waves his arms, this frees Mullaney down the sidelines.  Notice the Georgia LB is still in the process of biting on the pass to Drake when the pass zips by his outstretched hand…

Lastly, here’s the bomb to Calvin Ridley.  This play is almost comical as the Georgia secondary is running around aimlessly like seven chickens with their heads cut off.  Two UGA defenders jump the flat route to Mullaney at the bottom of the screen.  Meanwhile, three UGA defenders are running around in the middle of the field serving no purpose whatsoever – Stewart is wide open here.  But, the easy throw is to Ridley, who smokes the last two members of the Georgia secondary.

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