Alabama versus Georgia Vines – Defense

This week, we’ll take a look at a few of our favorite plays from the Georgia game and we’ll start where we should start with the Bama defense.

The film showed that Nick Chubb loves to start up the middle and then bounce his runs to the outside, however Bama’s defense would have none of that.  Look at #30, Denzell Devall here in this Vine.  His upfield rush prohibits Chubb from turning the corner so his only route is back inside to the sharp teeth of the Alabama defense.  Also, please take a look at #26 Marlon Humphrey – he gives himself up by taking out the pulling guard.

Here’s a view of #22 Ryan Anderson doing the same thing.  He gets upfield which keeps Sony Michel’s speed easily contained.  Also, take a look at the speed of Reuben Foster as he comes in for run support.  Also, note #24 Geno Matias-Smith sticking his nose in there for run support, as well.

Lastly, this was the hit of the day – Reggie Ragland giving this Dawg a bone…a bone crushing hit, that is.

Great game and great game plan by the defense this week.  The Tide’s corners and safeties came up in run support while the front six and front seven completely dominated the Georgia offensive line.

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