Alabama versus A&M – Good Blocking and Bad Blocking

Here, we’ll take a look at what “a hat on a hat” looks like and then we’ll look at how A&M adjusted.

First, this is just outstanding blocking.  Brandon Greene (89) blocks down while Alphonse Taylor (50) and Dominick Jackson (76) pull.  Ryan Kelly is also able to get to the second level and wipe out a linebacker.  This is blocking at its best.

In this clip, we see double teams on both defensive tackles.  This opens up a massive running lane for Henry which he converts into a touchdown.

Later, A&M defensive coordinator John Chavis grew tired of seeing his tackles getting blown out at the point of attack and his linebackers getting wiped out on the second level.  So, Chavis decided to crowd the line of scrimmage, sending blitzes on either side of new center JC Hassenhauer.  Note the two linebackers that move up just before the snap.

Again, A&M is employing a run blitz.  This one comes off the corner while the middle linebacker shows blitz but doesn’t come.  Neither Taylor (50) nor Hassenhauer are able to pick up the defensive tackle, probably due to the fact that they thought the middle linebacker would blitz (you can see Hassenhauer looks at the LB and then belatedly tries to block #92.

So, Alabama adjusted late in the game by getting Derrick Henry outside of the interior pressure.  This was quite the gamble, though. Facing a 4th & 2, Alabama overloaded the right side of the line by moving Cam Robinson next to Dominck Jackson.  This left just Pierschbacher and tight end Brandon Green on the left side and neither of them blocked a soul.  Instead, the Bama offensive line shifted right while Derrick Henry went left…and outraced three Aggies to the corner for a first down.  Look at the mass of humanity the Aggies lined up over the center (note: Robinson probably should have been called for a hold here).

I love looking at this stuff as you can see A&M adjust their defense to stop the run and then you see Alabama’s adjustment to counter the Aggies’ counter move.  Fun stuff – hope you enjoyed taking a look at this!


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