Alabama versus A&M Vines – Bama Blitzin’

The 2015 Alabama Crimson Tide is hell bent on getting to the quarterback.  Gone are the days of the defensive line forming a picket fence as Bama wants the QB to go down and they want him to go down hard.

First up is an interior blitz.  Note the loop being run back to the inside by Tim Williams (56). This, combined with the blitz of Ronnie Harrison (15) creates some serious issues for the interior of the Aggie line.  The back picks up Harrison but the guard is too late to get to Williams…

Next up, we see a nifty little scheme that requires the defensive end to take an interior rush.  This collapses the left tackle into the guard, freeing the blitzing corner (Marlon Humphrey) for a clean lick on the quarterback.  Also, take a look at the top of the screen where Ryan Anderson easily turns the corner against A&M’s right tackle.

The next clip is the same blitz look but from the opposite side. This time Denzell Devall takes the inside rush lane which opens up Ronnie Harrison (15) for the sack.

Lastly, here’s another little wrinkle that led to a sack.  Allen (93) and Williams (56) aggressively attack the quarterback from their defensive end positions and this flushes Allen out of the pocket. There, spying Allen, is Reggie Ragland (19) and he cleans up Allen for another Bama sack.

Alabama is no longer content with the picket fence concept and, instead, has employed a “sic em” approach for the 2015 season.  Bama now leads the SEC in sacks and this aggression has played a huge part in the success of the Alabama defense.


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