Alabama versus A&M Vines – Rush Rules

The rule for any Alabama defender who is rushing the passer is to never, ever get beyond the depth of the quarterback.  Once the pass rush gets deeper than the quarterback, it opens up rushing lanes for the quarterback to exploit.

With that in mind, here are a couple of beautiful examples of the rush rules on display.  We begin with what looks like synchronized pass rushing.  Each edge rusher (Jonathan Allen and Denzell Devall) stops his rush at just about the same time once he gets even with the quarterback and this constricts the pocket to where there is no escape.

Next, we see Tim Williams (56) on the pass rush.  Long time readers will know that we’ve been trumpeting Williams as the best pass rusher on the team and now you guys are getting to see him ply his craft on a weekly basis.  In this example, Kyle Allen steps up in the pocket so Williams reverses his pass rush and ends up getting a sack by simply obeying his rules.

Lastly, there simply are no rules for this play as it’s just straight up nasty.  Jonathan Allen (93) goes into full on beast mode when he grabs the guard’s jersey and casts him aside like a toddler on roller skates. Also, notice how quickly Tim Williams (56) gets off the ball.  Damn…

Alabama leads the league in sacks and these are just a few reasons why they have been so effective.


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