Vine Time – Geno Matias-Smith versus LSU

One fear we had going into this game was Leonard Fournette facing Alabama’s safeties in one on one match ups.  However, Geno Matias-Smith had no such fears as he absolutely set the tone of the Alabama defense.

This was LSU’s first play of the game.  Check out #24 as he lays the wood…

And, if you weren’t impressed with Geno’s first solo tackle, then you surely will be with this one.  Geno says, “get some!”

Lastly, check out the far left of the screen as #24 comes down to make yet another solo tackle.  Coming into the game, we figured Fournette would have an advantage in these match ups – we figured wrong.  Way wrong!


2 comments on “Vine Time – Geno Matias-Smith versus LSU

  1. David Agee says:

    Did I see a Mississippi State player strike or attempt to strike Derrick Henry at the end of a tackle? Derrick was already down or almost down and the player came from the right of the screen and seemed to punch at Henry’s head with his right first.

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    • lneck says:

      Hey David – thanks so much for posting! I saw the Vine that was going around with the punch so there’s certainly video evidence to suggest that a State player took a shot at Henry. I think it was one of the few times they got a shot at him as most of the time MSU’s defense was the recipient of the pain!


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