About the Bama Lighthouse

Hello, and welcome to the Bama Lighthouse blog!  This blog is the result the hordes of people who have incessantly questioned me as to why I haven’t taken my writing talents to the world wide “webisphere.”  This blog is also a thank you to all of the friends, family and the numerous folks (many whom I don’t even know) who have continually encouraged me to take my love and passion for writing to the next level.  Thank you all for your support, encouragement and continual harassment!

Why Read This Blog?

So, for those of you who are new to my articles, you might be asking “why should I visit this blog when there are so many other Alabama sports blogs out there on the internet?”  Excellent question!  If you are asking that question then you have a curious nature and I like that – you are already a perfect fit for this blog!  First and foremost, I am here to entertain you with as much wit and humor as I can cobble together for your enjoyment.  Most of the other blogs I have seen are very serious and, while they are well meaning, they seem give you a “just the facts, ma’am” style much like a newspaper (that is if you can find a newspaper).  Here, we’ll provide you with in depth game reviews, recruiting information and general football commentary but we’ll serve it all up in such a way that it makes you laugh and think all at the same time.  Oh, and we aren’t a one trick pony on this site – no way!  I’m an avid basketball fan so you will get quite a bit of hoops coverage on this site as well.  That’s right, two for the price of, well, none.  You can’t beat that!

Game Reviews

On this site, I take a tremendous amount of pride in providing you with the best and most in depth game reviews that you can find on the web.  It’s not good enough for me to tell you that Eddie Lacy ran 50 yards for a touchdown.  In this blog, I will tell you WHY he was able to run 50 yards for a touchdown.  Was it an audible at the line of scrimmage?  Who made the key blocks?  Which defender(s) got jocked?  Last season, I pointed out the defenders who “accidentally” took the wrong angle to tackle Trent when, in truth, they were just trying not to end up like a bug on #3’s windshield.  Here, we’ll look at the genius that is the Smart/Saban defensive mastermind and what they do to upset the apple carts of their opponents.  We’ll not only look at the individual plays of the game but we’ll look at the key individuals involved in the plays.  For better or for worse, the Lighthouse will cast a light on every facet of the team’s performance.  That’s right – we pull no punches here.  So, if you came here looking for someone to pump sunshine up your backside, then I’m sorry – I’m not your huckleberry.  Here, we will not be putting any lipstick on any pigs (or Hogs).  No, here we will gleefully tell you when those pants do make your butt look too big and then we’ll post the picture on the blog for all to see!  Brutal honesty.  That’s how we roll…Tide!


In addition to the game reviews, this blog will also provide you with some recruiting information.  Now, I won’t be breaking any stories (or copyright laws) here but I will let you know when someone commits to Alabama (or elsewhere).  This blog will provide you with honest assessments of the recruits, how they fit into the team and my take on the overall recruiting process as it plays out each year.  Again, I take pride in looking at the film of the prospective recruits and take even more pride in evaluating the kids when I can actually see them in live games.  Am I right 100% of the time?  No.  But, neither is anyone else in the recruiting industry so I’m already on par with the leading experts in recruiting – ha!  While other sites may shy away from anything remotely controversial, I’ll be willing to give a full evaluation of the player and, more importantly, how they fit (or do not fit) into the team and the future.  Along the way, I hope that we can all have some lively discussions, as that is what this site is intended to do.

General Football Commentary

You know, when you are passionate about college football then sometimes you just have to speak your mind when something just doesn’t seem right.  On occasion, there will be times when I just have to speak my mind (i.e. rant) about college football in general and I’ll post it on the blog for discussion.  Sometimes you will agree with me.  Oftentimes you will not.  Either way, I simply encourage you to participate in the discussion because your opinion is every bit as valuable as anyone else’s – so bring it!


For those of you insist on seeing my I.D. or credentials, this paragraph is for you.  After Economics 101 changed the course of my educational pursuits (good bye school of Business), I graduated from the University of Alabama in 1993 with a communications degree.  I have been writing in some form or fashion since I was a reporter for my elementary school newspaper (the Viking Press) and, while my job today doesn’t directly tap into my degree, through the years I’ve had articles published by the Crimson White, the Birmingham Barons.com, Minor League Baseball.com, the Birmingham Post Herald, and the Birmingham News.  Also, as I have mentioned above, for the last three years I have been emailing my articles out to an ever growing distribution list that seemingly has gained a modicum of popularity. I encourage you to check out the articles in the archives as they will give you some “flava” of what this blog is all about. 

So, thank you for visiting the site.  As you peruse the articles in the archives and as we go along, I hope that you will find yourself entertained and a bit more informed about Alabama football and basketball.  Please come back and visit and, until then, we’ll leave the light, er, Lighthouse on for ya.

The Bama Lighthouse Name

Why is this blog called the Bama Lighthouse?  Great question and I’m glad you asked!  Wikipedia tells us that a lighthouse is a tower, building or other type of structure designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses and used as an aid to navigation for maritime pilots at sea.  In essence, my work here is intended to be your lighthouse and navigation device that shines a bright light on all things good or bad related to Bama football and basketball (and college football in general).  The Bama Lighthouse is intended to be an entertaining and memorable experience for the reader as it stands tall among the other blogs, casting a light on the good, the bad and the ugly…and making fun of all of it along the way.


3 comments on “About the Bama Lighthouse

  1. Steve Latham says:

    Hey Steve,

    I’m thinking you should have a picture of Denny Chimes but the top has some openings like a lighthouse with a beam coming out in the background at the top of you site home page. You may have thought of this already but it would look pretty cool … just of to the right illuminating “The Bama Lighthouse” … just saying


    • lneck says:

      My man, you are so right! I’ve been in touch with a good friend of mine who does web pages and I was hoping to have a “fresher” look this year. All that stuff costs money so if you know how to help I’m all ears! Thanks man!


  2. Excellent work. The articles are well written and informative. Thanks for posting them.


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