Around the Watercooler – Podcast Number Three

Ok, so here’s something I’ve contemplated sharing for a while – I’m currently trying my hand at podcasting.  I’m privileged to be working with Doug Segrest, formerly of the Birmingham News and “The Zone”, on a new podcasting venture called “Around the Watercooler” and it’s available thru Itunes.

Before you listen, please know that this is something entirely new for me so expect some rumblin’, bumblin’ and stumblin’ from the likes of me!  But, it’s fun and hopefully you’ll listen in for the value of the content instead of focusing on any of my delivery issues.  You guys can just think of me as the Phillip Rivers of podcasting – it sure is awkward but it usually goes where it’s supposed to go!  But, for any failings on my part you should know that Doug is a pro’s pro.  He’s outstanding!  Doug brings over 30 years of sportswriting experience and still has numerous Capstone connections and insights from his time as an Alabama beat reporter.  Folks, he alone is well worth a listen.

I’m told you can download the app for the podcasts inside the App Store – just search “Bama Sports Radio.”  There are several other very good Alabama podcasts there to choose from so feel free to give them all a try.  Also, I’ll continue to post the links for “Around the Watercooler” here for those who don’t have Itunes. 

So, for those of you who are interested, here’s podcast #3:

This week’s topics are the future of Alabama basketball and we discuss the staff changes on offense and defense as we prepare for Alabama’s spring practices.  There’s some good discussion about whether or not we can expect any changes in philosophy in the playbook and in the dressing room.  Good stuff there…