Vine Time – Geno Matias-Smith versus LSU

One fear we had going into this game was Leonard Fournette facing Alabama’s safeties in one on one match ups.  However, Geno Matias-Smith had no such fears as he absolutely set the tone of the Alabama defense.

This was LSU’s first play of the game.  Check out #24 as he lays the wood…

And, if you weren’t impressed with Geno’s first solo tackle, then you surely will be with this one.  Geno says, “get some!”

Lastly, check out the far left of the screen as #24 comes down to make yet another solo tackle.  Coming into the game, we figured Fournette would have an advantage in these match ups – we figured wrong.  Way wrong!


Vine Time – Coker vs LSU

Here is a look at Jake Coker’s day against LSU.  First, we start with Coker facing a 4th and 1 on the first drive of the game.  Notice the snap occurs after Calvin Ridley has already passed by Coker so there is no threat of the fly sweep whatsoever.  This was a botched play.

Our next play is about as good of a screen as you will ever see.  The timing here is outstanding and the pass allows Ridley to catch the ball in stride and head up the field to convert a third down.

The next play we’ll look at is the destruction of LSU’s linebacker, #45.  Watch as Calvin Ridley pumps his fists at the carnage before the play is even over!  This may have been my favorite play…

This was a pretty nifty little lay by Key, #49.  Look as he first defends OJ Howard and then he suddenly releases Howard and gets himself a sack.  Cam Robinson completely ignores Key as he figures Key has dropped into pass coverage.

Lastly, here is Coker’s best play of the night.  He drops back and double clutches the throw in order to buy enough time for Ridley to get open.  Coker know’s he’s going to get popped but he hangs in there to complete this pass for a first down.

Vine Time – A’Shawn Robinson versus LSU

The value of Mr Robinson’s neighborhood went up quite a bit Saturday night as he totally and completely dominated the Bengal Tigers in all three phases of the football game.  Offensively, defensively and special teams, A’Shawn Robinson was unstoppable.  He was amazing…

Robinson on Offense

Evidently the week off allowed Alabama’s coaching staff to rip all of the lateral plays out of the red zone offense and, in their place, Kiffin & company decided north/south plays were the way to go.  Enter A’Shawn Robinson.  Check out #86 on these two plays as he blows his man up and takes him 3 yards deep into the end zone.

This play should look familiar as it’s the same as the one above.  After two failed attempts inside the five, Mr Robinson was inserted into the game….

Robinson on Defense

Robinson and Reed combine on a stunt here which leaves A’Shawn playing Corn(dog) Hole with Leonard Fournette.  Heisman toss, anyone?

Then there was this play where Robinson posts up on the offensive lineman and then disengages and vaults himself towards Fournette.  Remember, this dude is 320 lbs.

Robinson on Special Teams – Not in my House

Words are unnecessary here.  Just watch in awe….